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Hellooo.. meet again! 🙂 this time I want to share about our stayed here.. We chose to stay at 2 bedroom apartment for 3 days 2 nights which I think its more better value for money than paying for 2 separate hotel rooms. Le Grove Serviced apartment is located in 32 Orange Grove Road and what can I say this is a very good place for a family to stay. We all absolutely loved the accomodation and the fact we could come and stay here again. The staff at the desk were very friendly and helpful. They happy to call us a taxi in everytime we need.

The apartment was clean and well furnished, with a big living room and the main bedrooms is just enough to fit an extra bed for kids. They also have a kitchen with well equipped and I must say they really good in kept it clean. Besides having a clean bathroom with tub they also have a swimming pool for adult and kids so my daughters really enjoyed it. I recommend you to stay here if you wanna come to Singapore.. 😀


So back to normal interaction. aiks tadi baik punya speaking… biasalah hidup ni kena fit and square.. 😉 Ketika berkunjung kerumah pengantin sebelum masuk ke s’pore kami dibekalkan dgn aneka lauk utk dijadikan santapan ketika ditempat orang ni. ceyyyy mcm jauh nor bunyinye yer! 🙂 … Alhamdulillah terima kasih pd keluarga kak Ayu. Mudahan kalian dimurahkan rezeki didunia ini AMIN… Jadi tidak kelaparanlah malam itu..

hidangan makan malam

Selepas perut anak2 diutamakan kami pun decide utk keluar jalan2 menghirup udara malam di S’pore. Dari apartment kami menunggu taxi yg diuruskan oleh staff from the desk lobby. Taxi tiba dlm masa 5-10minit selepas panggilan dibuat. I should say it’s more convenient if you want to go around here by taxi. Tambang dari apartment ke Orchad Road is about S$6.80 depend on from and where you want to go. Hala tuju kami ialah ke Orchard Road dimana terdapatnya shopping mall. We wanted to go at any shopping mall in Orchard Road so the taxi driver suggested us to go to ION Mall. So we thought it was AEON Mall!… Setibanya di lokasi the taxi driver show where is the ION located. Bila kami lihat saja Mall tu kami terkejut! wah tempat orang2 kaya je shopping nih! kami ni nak kata kaya tidaklah kaya manapun.. kayap ado! 😀 …. so bila diingat blk itulah pengalaman lucu ION yg kami sangkakan AEON mcm kat Malaysia..

AEON versi singapura..

Shopping Mall di S’pore kebanyakannya terletak dibasement dan ia saling berhubung antara satu sama lain which mean jika kita hendak ke mall diseberang jalan kita hanya perlu mengikut laluan mall dibawah tanah. Cool isn’t it! tak perlulah bersusah payah melintas jln yg penuh sesak dgn membawa anak2.. just enjoy your eyes with the cool branded items down there… 🙂

Marks & Spencer

Dari satu outlet ke satu outlet kami pergi akhirnya kami masuk ke Marks & Spencer. Perancangan tak mahu beli apa2 tapi entah macam mana terminat kat satu baju ni so terbelilah satu untuk diri sendiri and dah alang kepalang belikanlah juga baju utk anak2. Kat sini je dah spend around S$200++ .. gulp! telan ayaq liuq.. waktu beli ni tak compare pun dgn duit malaysia so anggap je 200 tu mcm RM.. :-p

Q for the taxi..

Dah penat berjalan masuk dari satu mall ke satu mall kami pun pulang semula ke apartment… satu yg bagusnya tempat diorang ni ialah adanya tempat khas utk dapatkan taxi & semuanya molek je beratur tunggu taxi.. mentality yg sepatutnya kita ikut. taxi diorg pun byk that is why I said earlier its convenient.. 🙂 OKlah tata for now..


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